Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms


Thomas Edie Hill

Forgotten Books

Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms - Bookrepublic

Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms


Thomas Edie Hill

Forgotten Books


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In the business walks of life, a work of this kind has long been required. In penmanship, use of capital letters, punctuation, letter-writing; the forms of notes, bills, orders, receipts, checks, drafts, bills of exchange, articles of agreement, bonds, mortgages, deeds, leases, and wills; in selecting the kind of type in which to print the hand-bill or card; the marking letters; the law of the different States concerning the limitation of actions, rates of interest, usury, and amount of property exempt from forced sale and execution, — all this and much more contained herein, will be Of especial service for reference in the transaction of business. By the lady, much will be found in a Manual of this kind that will particularly serve her in the writing of her social forms. As a text-book and self-instructor in writing, it admirably serves to give her that delicate and beautiful penmanship which pleases the eye as does fine music the ear. The rules of composition, writing for the press, the letter-writing, the marriage anniversaries, the notes of invitation to the cotton, paper, leather, wooden, tin, silk and other weddings; the fancy alphabets for needle-work; the selections for the album, lists of common Christian names, and synonyms, abbreviations, foreign words a d phrases, the rules for writing poetry and the poetic sel'ections — all these will meet her especial favor. The mistress of the household will find here the form of the testimonial suitable to be given the servant upon his or her departure to seek a situation elsewhere. The mother will find the written excuse to the teacher for the non-attendance of her child at school; the servant, the form of letter when applying for a situation; and the bashful, blushing maiden, the cautious, carefully worded letter, that will aid her in giving expression to the hitherto closely guarded secrets of the heart.




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