The Life and the Way


Akhoy Kumar Mozumdar

Forgotten Books

The Life and the Way - Bookrepublic

The Life and the Way


Akhoy Kumar Mozumdar

Forgotten Books


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The author sends this treatise into the world in the name of the Great Ideal, through whose inspiration he undertook to write it. Excepting the first few pages this book was written inside of a month, in the midst of repeated interruptions by visitors, students and friends. Without the Divine inspiration and guidance it would have been impossible for the author to write this metaphysics, in the midst of a strenuous, busy life, and in a language which he had acquired in but a short time, by self study. By the above statement he does not mean to underrate the value of an academic education, he simply wants to convey the idea that the Almighty can do His work even through one who has very little or no education in the aca demic sense. That fact alone ought to be a message of hope to many millions of God loving souls, who are willing to work in the Lord's vineyard, yet who are hampered by the feeling of their inability and limitation. After writing this treatise, the author has been more than convinced, that to understand the divine philosophy of life, there is very little need of aca demic education. The education which we receive in the Al mighty's kindergarten by the simple trust and self-surrender is sufficient for that purpose. The secret of work in the field of truth is the simple trust in the — All-providing power within us. The scientific explanation of the word trust has been given in this metaphysics. If any one is willing to know about the great mystery of life, let him or her read this book over and over again.


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