Mom's Hidden Hope


Bo Dunne

Boruma Publishing

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Mom's Hidden Hope


Bo Dunne

Boruma Publishing


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Marki is depressed because her ex-husband left her for a younger, sexier woman. Her son Jason offers to hypnotize her into enjoying her workouts but she says she's terrified of mind control. He explains that true mind control is a myth, that no one can be made to do anything they really don't want to do. The power of suggestion is to help them do what they want.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"I'm terrified of mind control," Mom said. "I could never do mind control because, well, it's scary."

"Mind control is a myth about hypnotism," Jason answered. He took on a serious tone, aware that she was going to trust him in a rather unusual experiment. "The truth is no one can be made to do anything they really don't want to do. Deep down, the subject-that's youis always in control. The power of suggestion is to help you do what you truly want."

Contradictions swirled through his mind: This should not happen but she took the initiative. He was the hypnotist but here in her house, she was in charge. She was not exactly herself but she could not be doing anything she did not want to do. 

Jason wanted her to stop hurting. He had read online that hypnotism could help with tons of things from depression to sex drive and so much more. If he could succeed in hypnotizing her, he was confident he would be able to help his mom.

"Tell me what you want," Jason said again.

Keeping her eyes closed, she reached out and found his face, holding him in both hands. Then she leaned forward and kissed Jason's mouth, kissing him hard.

He heard Tess make a little yelp and hurry away.

Jason tongue-fenced on reflex, but he didn't know what to do. Her lips were warm and soft and her tongue was quick.His mind was in turmoil. 

"No, no, I'm not him. Not Dad. I'm"

"Jason," she purred, her lips still against his. "You're Jason."

Even more shocked, his own words came back to his mind: "The truth is no one can be made to do anything they really don't want to do."

Jason took in the sight, as his heart pounded. Could he truly cross this line of behavior? She really wants this, he thought to himself again. As he enjoyed the shocking view, she made an anxious, whimpering sound in her throat.

In response to that sound, he pulled off his t-shirt and tossed it away.

When Jason pushed her flat on the carpet, a thrill of excitement flowed through Marki. She stared up at his face in fascination, feeling her son take charge. He had put her in her place. After carrying the burden of being a single mother, she was emotionally exhausted from making all the important decisions. Right now she loved having Jason position her the way he wanted. Another wave of adrenaline burned through her veins. Deep down, this was where she longed to be: On her back with a man she loved about to join with her in every way. 

With his mind blank as flames seemed to course through him, Jason held the back of her head and pulled her toward him. They were one, just as surely as any other physical connection could make them.


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