Sexy Moms Seducing Sons


Kethandra Wilde

Boruma Publishing

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Sexy Moms Seducing Sons


Kethandra Wilde

Boruma Publishing


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3 full-length taboo tales featuring hot moms and the loving sons who lust for them, from their initial denials to the life-changing ecstasy when they finally give in to their deepest desires.

This bundle totals over 44,000 words, and includes:

Hot Mom's Talented Tongue 

Hot Tub MILF Machine

Mom Craves Son's Raunchy Cure: A Shelter In Place Story

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"The mirror makes it look a lot bigger, doesn't it?" his mom asked, her fit body pressed close to him.

"Wha...?!" Michael cringed at how his voice cracked. Of course her butt didn't look big; it was perfect. But how could his mother have known he was taking advantage of the mirror that covered one wall of her new tiny home, looking over her shoulder as she held him in a long hug, taking in the sight of that glorious backside his roommates had been lusting over only last night?


With the coronavirus spreading, and the college requiring students to begin remote-study after spring break ended, the four roommates had decided on one final little party. There was a real possibility they wouldn't see each other until next fall. They might as well finish the last of their communal bag of pot.

The marijuana smoke hung thick in the air before the conversation had turned back to their plans for the unexpected break from school and dorm living.

"I wish I was going home with Mikey. No disrespect, Bro, but your mom gives the best hugs."

Two heads had nodded red-eyed, grinning agreement. Knowing where this was going, Michael had sighed, stopped himself from burying his face in his hands. He had given up curtailing all but the worst of the lustful comments about his admittedly still-hot mother.

"Totally. How can any natural titties be that firm? Are you sure you suckled on those perky beauties?"

"Seriously, guys? That again? I was kind of too little to remember but, yes, I was supposedly breastfed."

His voice had been tight, jaw clenched. Still, it was true: she rarely wore a bra and her breasts still defied gravity in a way few teenagers could match, and he had found his own eyes drawn to them too many times. 

"What a shame." A head shook in mock dismay. "The things that are wasted on the young."

One roommate had been quiet so far, except to giggle. "You know, I was thinking."

"Uh oh. Dan's been thinking. That always means trouble."

"Shut up. I was just thinking that there's a downside to Ms. M's hugs."

"What? Not for this guy."

"Downside? Her hugs give me a serious upside." A hand tilted upward at an angle, hinting strongly at male arousal.

"Let me finish." Dan had gone on. "I mean, yeah, having those extra-firm wonder-melons pressing into my chest with every hug is a definite treat, but my complaint is the view: I can't see that incredible backside of hers from there."

"Ohh." Heads had nodded understanding, faces showing stoned agreement with what seemed at the time to be a profound observation. Michael wouldn't admit it, but he had to agree. His mom's hind end was just about flawless. Not too big, not too small, flaring from a slim waist at just the right angle, round cheeks curving perfectly outward in jeans or yoga pants or anything else.

"Wait!" A finger had popped up, one face suddenly smiling at a brilliant realization. "What if...what if Ms. M gave ya a nice, tight, lingering hug...with a full length mirror behind her, so you could see that glorious backside, while ya still got to feel the full, firm front side?"


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