Dream Angel Sister


Kethandra Wilde

Boruma Publishing

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Dream Angel Sister


Kethandra Wilde

Boruma Publishing


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His exotic half-sister was always the pinnacle of erotic beauty to him, especially in that photo from long ago, a barely dressed angel radiating forbidden, divine sensuality. She had also been the source of his ultimate embarrassment.

Now she was here, in the same revealing costume, offering him a chance to make his most taboo fantasies very, very real.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"I said that out loud, didn't I?"

I nodded agreement. "Yes. You did."

"Oops. Can I blame the THC?" A wide yawn followed the question. "I think I'll add sleepiness to the blame list."

"So a hit of pot makes you say thoughts out loud and makes you suddenly sleepy?"

"And horny."

"Yeah, horny. I forgot that."

She rolled her eyes. "Sure you did. Liar."

I hesitated, caught. Then we both burst out laughing.

She stretched her arms out wide, the action pushing her chest out against the fabric. It was accompanied by a second yawn. She raised one eyebrow. "And pot apparently makes my little brother stare at his sister's chest."

"Uhh. I think I was staring at them before we got high. In my defense, that dress has always showed them off, and they are pretty much perfect."

She looked surprised at the compliment.

I know I was surprised I had actually said the last part. "Wait. Did I say that out loud?"

We laughed again, harder, more nervous. Wiping a tear away from one eye, she asked. "Benny? You said this dress always displayed my little chest well. Do you mean in that old picture?"

I felt like a caught teenager all over again. Words escaped me in a stoned rush. "Do you wanna know what happened to it? My mom threw it, shattered it against that wall."

I pointed.

"Wha...why would she do that?" Angelique looked hurt. Her voice was small.

I had dug my own grave with my blurted outburst, leading her to the question I really shouldn't answer.

"She was mad."

"At me?"

"No!" The pain on her face made my sister look so vulnerable. "Not mad at you at all."

"Then..." I saw her lower lip start to quiver. "Why?"

"Because...I liked it too much."

"Too much? Dad did hint about you really liking that picture but..."

"Alright." I gritted my teeth, then blurted out my confession. "Mom caught me beating off, looking at it."

She stared, mouth wide open.

My shoulders dropped. My voice was low. "Way more than you ever wanted to know about your half-brother, huh?"

I reached for the vape pen, determined to numb my embarrassment.

"Wait." Her command stopped me. Her hand came out, palm up. "I think I need a hit first, to wrap my head around what I just think I heard."

I handed it to her, eyes down. "You're right. This might be better."

"Come here." Long slim mahogany arms reached out to me. She stepped close before I could decide to move, hugging me tight. "That is so sweet."

So sweet? Perving over a staged photo of my hot half-sister? She continued to hold me, until I felt my muscles begin to relax. Once I was past the worst of my angry shame I became aware of the feeling of her warm breath against my neck, her slim body pressed close to mine.

Her next words were almost inaudible, especially as I was distracted by her lips brushing the tender skin under my ear as she spoke. "And it's kinda hot."


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