Daddy's Little Helper


Laura Lovecraft

Boruma Publishing

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Daddy's Little Helper


Laura Lovecraft

Boruma Publishing


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After finding a video of her parents playing a game called 'Daddy's Little Helper', Mandy has been obsessed with her father. To satisfy her taboo craving, Mandy sleeps with older men, always calling them Daddy. A year after her mother's sudden passing, Christmas is approaching and her father is alone and in need of some holiday cheer. The kind of cheer only Daddy's Little Helper can deliver.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

"I'll log in now."

"Thanks, Amanda. I told him to call me back when he's sure. I'll text you the time and place as always."

"Sounds good."

Mandy went back to the site and logged into her private messaging box. To see someone had logged in as guest and asked if she were there.

"Hi Daddy!"

"Wow, right into the game?"

"I'm always ready to please my daddy."

"Bet you have a lot of Daddy's."

She wasn't sure if he were being sarcastic or it was the innocent remark of someone who had never done this before.

"I like to make Daddy's happy. That's why I'm daddy's little helper!"

"Where did you get that name?"

She wasn't going to tell him it was a sex game her parents played. 

"I hooked up with a Daddy at a Christmas party last year. I was wearing a Santa's hat and he asked if I was Daddy's Little Helper. I liked it so I use it."

"I like the name."

"Just my name?" she teased.

"I like everything I saw, you're a sexy young lady."

"Thank you, Daddy."

"I have a thing for blonde hair and blue eyes."

"Wait until you have your hands in that blonde hair and see my baby blues looking up at you while I blow you."

"Wow, you're blunt."

"I'm a bad girl when I'm being a good girl. I don't think you want me over to watch Christmas specials."

"You're right. This is my first time doing something like this."

"And you won't regret it. I'll be the best gift you've ever gotten."

"Can you wear the outfit in your pictures?"

"Anything you want, Daddy."

"You're barefoot in the pictures, do you have some sexy shoes?

"I have lots of big girl shoes, Daddy."

"Good, I'm really looking forward to this. I'll call back and book you."

"Thank you, Daddy! See you soon!"

He logged off without replying again, and Mandy rolled over to stare at her closet. The sliding door was open and she eyed rows of shoes lined up on the floor. She had several red pair, but one pair of stiletto heels had red ribbons for straps that wound up her leg to tie just below her knees. 

 Her phone beeped behind her, and she rolled back over to see she received a text from Erin. Wow, he had called back right away.

"He just booked, says his name is Mark. He wants you there for 7pm." 

She received another text with his address, and Mandy dropped the phone as if it had burned her. 

'Mark' was her father.



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