Daddy's Little Girls


Kethandra Wilde

Boruma Publishing

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Daddy's Little Girls


Kethandra Wilde

Boruma Publishing


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A Daddy & two very different Little Girls.

For a father, mother, and daughter torn apart by rage, jealousy and taboo longings, this is a Christmas of redemption, a chance to come together anew, a chance to see each other in a new, clearer light, and begin to explore lusts and desires both old and new.

Welcome to another volume in Kethandra Wilde's popular PotErotica series.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

My two Baby Girls. Why did it take my child, my daughter, to show me how little I knew about my own ruin of a marriage? My wife Priscilla had been so happy, those big beautiful joyful eyes looking up me. I had felt needed, important, loved keeping her pampered and coddled.

When she grew unhappy, when those eyes hadn't looked at me with that joy in them anymore, why hadn't I seen it, known to do what had always made her so happy before?

It hit me then. Like the last pieces of a puzzle falling into place, revealing a picture glimpsed previously but not recognized.

Priscilla had always wanted to be babied, it was true. At home. In public, she has always been so organized, confident, in control. Her parents were flighty, at best. Her father had been a bipolar con man, able to schmooze investors into cockamamie schemes one day, unable to stop crying or leave the house on another. We had paid off the last of the refinance debt that covered his mistakes only last year, almost two decades after his death. The woman he had married, Priscilla's mother, seemed to care for nothing beyond her orchids and her yappy little dogs.

As a teen, it was Priscilla who balanced the bank accounts, for home and for the struggling dealership, and made sure the bills were paid. She made sure there was food on the table and clean clothes for school, setting money aside for the lean times she had come to expect. I gave the adult Priscilla room to finally be a child, my little girl, parented and cared for, and then I took that treasure away and gave it to another, our own little girl. I betrayed her.



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