Twilight Future


J.C. Wittol

Boruma Publishing

Twilight Future - Bookrepublic

Twilight Future


J.C. Wittol

Boruma Publishing


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John and Becca have a complicated relationship with DeShawn. A vacation fling with DeShawn resulted in hot sex for Becca and produced a child for the young couple. When John and Becca decide to visit Disneyworld with their child, DeShawn makes a decision that throws everyone's life into turmoil. What starts as an innocent vacation transforms into a chaotic situation with a surprise ending.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

"Our situation doesn't work for me any longer," he continued, cutting her off with an impatient gesture. "I want more than sex with you, but I also need more." Moodily he walked over to a window and stared out for a few seconds, then turned back to face her. "It may have started out innocently, but my feelings for you have grown. I don't want to share you anymore. John's a great guy and I never wanted to hurt your marriage, but I won't lie about my feelings. It's just not enough anymore."

She sat down abruptly. "I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say, either," she added after a long, baffled moment. "My feelings for you have grown, too...but you know I love my husband."

Annoyed, he raked both hands through his short black hair. "You're not even going to give us a chance, are you?"

She stared at him in cautious confusion. "What do you mean?"

Abruptly he crossed back to her, and clasped her hands. "Stay."


"Yes, stay." The words tumbled out of him at high speed. "Your return flight isn't until Saturday. That's still four days away. Stay with me this week. We can see if we're really a good match or not. We can spend time together like a normal couple. You can meet my friends, and we can get to know each other outside the bedroom." He chuckled suddenly. "We already know we're compatible in the bedroom."


He cut her off again by gently kissing her. "Please?" Then he took a deep breath, and added, "I also want you to meet my parents."




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