Hot For Teacher


Kethandra Wilde

Boruma Publishing

Hot For Teacher - Bookrepublic

Hot For Teacher


Kethandra Wilde

Boruma Publishing


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The tempting teases of two beauties leaves the English teacher at a loss for words.

11,000 words of lust and love as a teacher’s hot wife encourages him to give her sexy blond BFF the night of her life.

Professor Mark’s exotic wife Gabriella and her newly-single blond, buxom best friend Daphne are finally back in top shape and ready to show off their hot bodies at a local college dance club. Their form-fitting new ‘ravewear’ outfits hide nothing, reveal almost everything, and have been driving Mark to distraction.

Little does he know that the two beauties are planning to fulfill a shared fantasy. Daphne has always flirted blatantly with Mark, making no secret of her desires for him. Now that her friend is recovering from a devastating break-up, Gabriella is finally ready to Share Her Man in more than just her most secret dreams and let the two act on their mutual attraction and outright lust.

The action is as heavy as the flirtatious atmosphere, and all three achieve the satisfaction of living out their deepest fantasies while opening doors to explore even more intimate avenues in the days to come.

Welcome to another volume in Kethandra Wilde’s popular new series Sharing Her Man, where loving women find their own gratification in granting permission to a devoted husband or lover to explore the giving and taking of sensual pleasure with someone else.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Both his wife and her lovely best friend seemed giddy, more unstable as he herded them inside from the car.

"I’m gonna show her how the mattress works." Gabriella led Daphne by one hand. She paused to grab a set of sheets from the hall closet.

"How it works?" Mark teased. As though a mattress required instructions.

His wife looked back at him like he was an idiot. "She’s gonna really wanna try it out tonight, hon."

"I know."

"You know nothing, John Snow." He had never actually watched Game of Thrones, but that phrase had entered the common lexicon. He wondered what it was that he didn’t know.

Again, nothing but whispers and giggles reached him. Even more so after Gabriella’s ‘dry hump’ climax in his arms on the dance floor, he was beyond eager to get her naked and alone, Nude Day or not. He had lost track of the times he had to adjust his stiffening shaft in his pants. This time, he allowed himself to continue idle strokes along his outlined length, picturing Gabriella, stripped on the bed. He could see a glint of moisture between her thighs before he pressed his face close, sniffing at her, then tasting, licking, sucking. After that, he would crawl up, aiming himself into her already sensitized, tender...

"Mark! We need you." His first thought was ‘I need you, baby. Now,’ but he followed his wife’s call to the spare room.

"Can you show her how the mattress works? I’m too drunk." It was supposed to be a unique combination of latex, memory foam and some other proprietary support material, but as far as he knew, it still ‘worked’ like any other mattress. He saw they had managed to get the fitted sheet on it, and the top sheet and a blanket spread over.

He gave his wife, who was clearing swaying on her feet, a raised eyebrow. "How it works?"

"She wants to give it a good try out, silly."


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