Friends With Benefits


J.C. Wittol

Boruma Publishing

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Friends With Benefits


J.C. Wittol

Boruma Publishing


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Becca loves her husband, but she’s always been attracted to sexy black men and she longs for a baby. When she meets gorgeous buff DeShawn on vacation, he agrees to fulfill her wildest bbc fantasies and be her sperm donor…but will it end there? Can her marriage to John survive when DeShawn decides to be a permanent part of her life? * The complete anthology *

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

His wife walked through the sand, her hips swaying, and John’s mouth suddenly went dry. Becca worked out regularly, and the Brazilian-cut bikini did little to cover her toned assets. DeShawn followed her, but John decided to use the restroom. When he returned, Becca and DeShawn were playing around in the surf and splashing each other. His wife’s eyes were devouring DeShawn, and she seemed to fall against him with an erotic regularity.

Becca stumbled in the surf, cried out, and started to fall. DeShawn surged through the water, and managed to catch her before she went under the waves. His arms slid under her, and he carried her out of the water. She slid her arm around DeShawn’s neck, and leaned her head against his chest.

John took a long sip of his beer, and admitted they looked amazing together. The contrast in their skin tones was beautiful. And strangely…erotic. He glanced around, and couldn’t help noticing several women seated near them watched DeShawn and Becca with envious eyes.

He shifted on the lounge chair, and embarrassment flooded through him when he realized he was hard as a rock.

DeShawn lowered Becca carefully onto her chair, and his mouth dropped open. John smiled, because he knew DeShawn had just seen how transparent Becca’s suit got when it was wet. She’d purchased the suit just for this vacation, and it was made of a light material that turned sheer when it got wet. DeShawn’s eyes were also locked on her midsection, specifically the spade tattoo on her hip, and recognition flashed in his eyes. His gaze eventually left the tattoo, traveled up her body, and finally their eyes met. An inviting smile curved her lips. It was a sexy smile that clearly communicated she’d seen him admiring her tattoo, her body, and she was happy to have his attention.

John watched the entire interlude with some amusement, and more than a little lust. Becca was beautiful, and there was no denying it. Early in their relationship, it had made him nervous and sometimes angry when men had grown aggressive in trying to get her attention. She hadn’t encouraged it, but she hadn’t stopped it, either.

She’d never once given him a reason to be jealous. They had several male friends who were African-American, and she’d never reacted to them the way she was acting towards DeShawn…

And that made all the difference. He’d never seen Becca so visibly excited by another man, and her obvious attraction to DeShawn affected him deeply.

An idea started to percolate in his brain. A crazy, unbelievable idea. He dismissed it at first, and then dismissed it again because it was frightening…and exciting. He focused on the beach and tried to shift his mind away from the idea, but it was growing like a fungus.

It couldn’t work. Could it?

The idea wouldn’t go away, and he knew instinctively that the only way to exorcise it would be to share it with his wife. He needed her input, and he hoped she wouldn’t kick him out of the room for the rest of the week.

Only two outcomes were possible with this kind of idea.

It would either be a fantastic success, or a spectacular failure.


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