Souped Up and Sensible


Catherine Saxelby

Foodwatch Pty Ltd

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Souped Up and Sensible


Catherine Saxelby

Foodwatch Pty Ltd


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Are you trying to lose weight but can’t stomach the thought of flavourless broth every day? Have you found fasting diets impossible to maintain? Catherine Saxelby’s Souped Up and Sensible will help you lose those unwanted kilos while enjoying nutritious, tasty soups.

There’s lots of research showing that soup is a dieter’s best friend, filling you up and keeping you satisfied, but what does this mean for your calorie or kilojoule count? And just how often could you really eat it, anyway? Catherine Saxelby explains how soup can fit any diet or fasting regime, as well as how to keep it interesting, tasty and nutritious.

With sections on how and why soup works for weight loss, and how to choose the best supermarket varieties, this guide is packed with simple recipes and suggestions so you can make your own from scratch or grab something quick from the cupboard. Discover how easy it is to make a nourishing, chunky version out of whatever you have in the fridge, and make soup part of your regular meal plan.

Dieting doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to mean giving up all your comfort foods. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more soothing than tucking into a steaming bowl of soup on a cold winter’s day, but whatever the latest fads claim, losing weight doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Souped Up and Sensible shows you how even the heartiest soup can be a secret weapon for weight loss.

Catherine Saxelby is an Australian accredited dietitian and nutritionist who is a trusted ‘voice of reason' in a world full of food fads, extreme diets and trendy super fruits.


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