Anatomy of a Ponzi Scheme: Scams Past and Present


Colleen Cross

Slice Publishing

Anatomy of a Ponzi Scheme: Scams Past and Present - Bookrepublic

Anatomy of a Ponzi Scheme: Scams Past and Present


Colleen Cross

Slice Publishing


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Most of the all-time 10 biggest Ponzi schemes collapsed during the 2008 financial crisis. Today's financial markets are even more volatile, exactly the right conditions for a Ponzi scheme to collapse. Unwitting investors will be financially ruined and left holding the bag.

The next massive Ponzi scheme is about to collapse and it will dwarf Bernard Madoff's massive $50 billion fraud. It will also catch many experienced investors off guard. Will you be one of them?

You might be surprised to learn you are invested in one of these schemes already, either directly or indirectly as part of your mutual fund, pension fund, hedge fund or other investments. Many innocent victims suffered financial ruin simply because they didn't spot the Ponzi scheme red flags and warning signs until it was too late. White collar crime costs our economy both directly and indirectly; know what to look for and don't be a victim.

Knowledge is power, and by following a few simple steps you can protect yourself and your money.
You'll also discover exactly how Bernard Madoff, Scott Rothstein, and others defrauded investors for years, and how they ultimately got caught. Get Anatomy of a Ponzi today to protect yourself and keep your investments safe.

What is a Ponzi Scheme? Read Anatomy of a Ponzi and discover real-life Ponzi scheme examples including Charles Ponzi, Bernie Madoff, Scott Rothstein and others. You can learn how to invest in stocks, investment funds, real estate and other assets, but you won't be successful unless you also learn how to spot fraud.

Colleen Cross also writes mystery thrillers. Her two bestseller series are legal and financial thrillers and cozy mysteries that will keep you guessing and turning pages. Find out more at and sign up for her twice-yearly newsletter to get the latest on her new releases.


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