Before Evil Walks


EK Jasmine

CLM Publishing

Before Evil Walks - Bookrepublic

Before Evil Walks


EK Jasmine

CLM Publishing


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It is not another poverty to rich story. Neither is it about making it out of the slump, pulling up the bootstraps and the sun will come out tomorrow. It is emptied of clichés and has just about the right amount of holes to make you into a hole-filler. And, it is definitely not a Cinderella story either. No, not this book.

Journey with Cindy, as she encountered some horrific and frightening incidents on the way to the tiny back-water village she called home.
She survived, with the help of some well-placed angels, riots, gang violence, fires, and other hellish things in her preteen years. And though those experiences were brutal at times, they kept her steady in the face of some of life’s toughest challenges.

Hardened by life, before her eleventh birthday, by tragedies seen - and in some cases, experienced, it took years to mellow through counting-to-ten techniques and learn to hold in the spikes and snappy comebacks. To stay away from negativity and full-blown pessimism with a sarcastically trained tongue.

Whether being chased by madmen, thieves and being shot at by Rangers, just for quenching the thirst with canes, she made sure that every move she made was in the calculation of what the next move should be.

Imagine how one tiny move on a drawing board can catastrophically change the ending of an image. This is truly how one should view life on a whole; one move. One move forward or backward changes the position you are in. How you act or react after you’ve made that move is entirely up to you, but always keep in mind, you should aim to learn something from the move.

This journey all started with one tiny village move. A village not listed on the country’s map, neither could found with a GPS or tourist map.

Your journey begins.




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