My Fiery Jane


Holden Ram

Boruma Publishing

My Fiery Jane - Bookrepublic

My Fiery Jane


Holden Ram

Boruma Publishing


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Derek takes his hotwife Jayne back to the resort known for well-endowed men and the women who crave their services. Beautiful Jayne, with flaming red hair, full breasts, and long legs, has rejected her repressive upbringing to seek the most well-hung men she can find. While Derek wonders if she'll leave him some day, she spreads her legs for any man she likes, whether white or black.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"Jayne, how would you describe the interlude you just had?" Kara asked.

"Intense," said Jayne. "Taking that huge Brandon is always intense. Until I came here to Hotwife Isle, I never felt anything like it."

"Believe me, I know exactly what you mean," said Kara. "I work here with Brandon and he's a great sex buddy for me. Along with some others. But, yeah, when Brandon rearranges your guts, it's intense."

Kara turned to me. "As her husband, what do you think of what you saw? When you were watching Brandon use his giant tool on your wife?"

"That's why we're here," I said, though I felt a little self-conscious speaking for the record. I could hardly complain, since the whole video concept for advertising was my idea. 

"Would you elaborate?" Kara asked.

"Elaborate? Well, I know I can't do to my wife what guys like Brandon and Carl can do. That's a fact."

"Do you think VWE men are the main reason hotwife couples come here?"

"Very well endowed men? I can only speak for Jayne and our friends who introduced us to this resort. I have to say yes."

Kara turned to Jayne. "Hotwives can desire other traits and experiences, don't you think?" 

"Of course," said Jayne. "But think of it this way. We can find friends and lovers in lots of places. But I came here for the VWE men who are hereon the resort staff or guests, I don't care which. Why would I look for bulls somewhere else?"

"I couldn't have said it better myself," said Kara. 

"Our marriage can be stronger with bulls servicing me," said Jayne.

"Believe me, I get that," said Kara. "I'm not in a long-term relationship right now. And I could find work at lots of places. But the big-man benefits here are special." She returned her attention to me. "Do you worry that your wife might leave you for a dude with a bigger cock?"

"No, of course not," said Jayne.

"Kinda," I said at the same time.


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