Katie's Hotwife Adventures


Thomas Roberts

Boruma Publishing

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Katie's Hotwife Adventures


Thomas Roberts

Boruma Publishing


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Katie loves Mack even though he's very small "down there." She only has one stipulation when they get married: if she ever meets her favorite actor, she can have a wild no-holds-barred affair with him. Mack agrees, then is stunned when a gorgeous lookalike enters their lives. Can he keep his marriage intact when he learns that Katie's wild fling won't be just a one-night stand?

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

They continued to kiss for a long minute while he caressed her, and as the kiss ended, Katie took his wrist and held him on her breast before slowly pulling his hand out of her costume. She was smiling up at him, though; she certainly wasn't angry. Her nips were making hard bumps in the fabric.

I tried to keep an eye on them after that, but I lost them in the crowd. Later I went looking for them. No, it wasn't like the stories. I didn't find them going at it hot and heavy. In fact, Katie found me.

She was breathless and a little mussed. Her face was flushed as she dragged me upstairs and into one of the guest bedrooms. As soon as we entered, she threw herself at me, kissing me passionately and digging under my toga.

"I really need you to do me right now. I'm so damn horny. I can't stand it." She was panting with need. "Please, eat me, Mack. I'll do anything you want. Just take care of your wife."

She was hot. I reached under her toga to find her panties dripping wet. It was like they'd come out of the washing machine. She had soaked through them. With her help, I had her panties off in a minute and held them dripping in my hand.

I slipped my hand back under her toga to find her completely open and her nub hard under my fingers. Just touching her made her hump and sigh as if we were already making love.

"Get ready," I said. "I'll be right back."

She looked at me in surprise and disappointment, but I was out the door before she could say anything.

I walked down the hall a few feet, and as the bathroom door opened, Brad Peterson stepped out, adjusting his toga.

Do you know how sometimes, just like that, you make an off-the-cuff decision that forever changes your life? Later, you can't quite remember why you did what you did?

"Hi, Brad," I said. "Um... Katie's in there." I pointed at the door with my head. "She asked me to give you these and bring you back with me." I handed him the sodden panties with my heart pounding in my throat. My mouth was suddenly dry, and I don't think I could have said any more than I did.

Brad examined the panties and brought them to his nose. After a small sniff, he smiled at me. "Okay."

I opened the door to the room to see Katie on the bed, totally naked with her legs spread and her fingers working feverishly. She looked up in surprise as Brad followed me into the room.

"Oh Christ," she breathed, just above a whisper, her eyes fixed on his face.


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