Power Animals & Shamanism


Dr. Angela Fetzner

Babelcube Inc.

Power Animals & Shamanism - Bookrepublic

Power Animals & Shamanism


Dr. Angela Fetzner

Babelcube Inc.


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Regaining a lost soul
In this book, the millennia-old healing techniques of shamanism are presented clearly and appealingly.  The book is meant to give readers an overview of the complex and manifold facets of shamanism and to encourage them to reach out to their respective power animal.
Power animals – spiritual companions and leaders
Power animals are spiritual companions and soulmates, and each has a personal relationship with its human counterpart, who is thereby empowered, energized, deepened and motivated. The person is enabled to find his or her true purpose, to develop more fully and to avoid pitfalls, is protected, kept healthy and even healed, and can turn to the animal for help at any time. The more he or she does so, the more intense their partnership becomes. Some partnerships last a lifetime.
How do you find your power animal?
This book explains how to find, honor and bond with your power animal and thereby be strengthened and healed. It explains how the animal may be lost and how the loss may be averted.
The main power animals
The most important power animals and their meaning and message for humans are discussed in detail, revealing what positive qualities may be transferred from one to you.
The worldview of shamanism
This book offers all key information about shamanism and how to use it. The division of the shamanic cosmos into the upper, middle and lower worlds is explained, as are details of shamanic journeys. The role of the master of animals in particular is examined, as is the difference between spirit helpers and totem animals. The basic features of neo-shamanism are shown too.
The shaman’s career
Shamans are mediators between worlds. They have a special spiritual power, can change their state of consciousness at will and are sent into trance mostly by drumbeats.
Power animals in ancient Egypt


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