Cooking Recipes To Be Happy


Adrian Salama

Babelcube Inc.

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Cooking Recipes To Be Happy


Adrian Salama

Babelcube Inc.


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This book is essentially a guide to personal growth, a simple way of bringing together many topics that ultimately lead to the same goal, to enjoy life to the fullest.
To do this, as the title says with a bit of irony, there is no recipe or list of steps to follow, you just have to understand some concepts that seem very obvious but that sometimes we lose sight of.
It is told with a series of stories with which it is very easy to identify and with a sense of humor that is very pleasant for the reader. 
It is a simple text to read but with a very deep content, it shows a whole philosophy of life that balances all aspects that influence a person to enjoy life, from the physical to the mental without passing through the emotional, it is that the reader understands that you can achieve everything you want as long as you want it from the heart.
Going through Taoism and Gestalt, the book explains how important it is to live in the here and now, to live in the PRESENT, which makes a lot of sense since it is the only time you can live in, there is no way to go back to the past nor to travel to the future to know what will happen. How to start living in the here and now?  You have to understand that each person is born with the possibilities of having EVERYTHING he or she wants and that all things come at their own time so one of the first challenges that the book poses is to have patience and enjoy every moment, because when we are running through life the obvious is the only thing that is not seen.
One of the questions the book answers very well is why do things happen to us in life?   Everything begins with thought, everything outside is a projection of what we have inside, so if a person has positive thoughts, of harmony, of love, his environment begins to change immediately.  It is important to know that there are no coincidences but CAUSALITIES, everything that happens to us is for a reason and from every situation you can l


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