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The Independent writers on " Indie World", they start their journey, diving with such ilusion, in an unknown world. This fact makes that many mistakes can be made, time can be lost, and also (money) and after a lot of effort, sales won't be achieved, does are also deserved.
The purpose of this book is that " Indie World" won't be so unknown for all those, that want to enter it, at a certain time and obtain results. All of that, without losing a sense of humor.
In this handbook all the situations are numbered in which an Indie Author steps in, and each of them are explained; if they have to be avoid or if you need to pay attention to them. All the topics that surround all this " little world" are exposed in a funny and practical way; so the author can take advantage of all that can be learnt in this book, remembering it with a smile. All the information, is based on the Author's personal experience as a self-published author. Finally, some points and tricks are explained on how to win visibility and one of the basic strategies, that you can follow to try and sell an Indie Book.
Content Index:
- Tomorrow I buy the book no doubt.
-Social Media and other useless publicity!
-The mysterious rankings on Amazon.
-The " aware-ones" and their infinite and infallible, know it all.
-The behavior of those editorials.
-Presentations, gatherings with writers, fairs and other hobbies.
-Operationals to get to the Top-100 on Amazon.
-Comments good, bad and useful.
-The miracle of publicity on Amazon.
-And when will you write a second book?
-But then, what is the method to follow so I can sell my book?
All the explanations  from each chapter are nice and concluding, in this volumen, you will find all the complete collection of the " Crazy Adventures of the Ignored Lopez", through out the life of this Indie Comic Author, we will review with a smile, the different as


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