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Sold, Possessed and Saved by the Millionaire Dominant Frank Einstein had it all. He was the best neurosurgeon in New York, he lived in a luxurious attic and was invited to every party. Slave Frank Einstein had it all. He was the best neurosurgeon in New York, he lived in a luxurious attic and was invited to every party. In addition, he gave most of his income to charitable non-profit organizations. And yet Frank was more than known in the city's never-sleeping sadomasochistic community as the most respected, desired, and unavailable dominant in the entire county.
We all have our demons, and Frank was no less. Used to getting it all, being the best, and being in control at all times, it was hard to avoid it. Power came naturally to him, and not even shaking hands with wives after surgery or helping poor countries could kill his most intimate desires; dominate, possess and control your lovers. The desire to be called "master."
He was not short of lovers, but on his 37th birthday he received the most dangerous gift in the world; Dan, a successful businessman and a friend since childhood, took him shopping… for a slave.
Of all the possibilities, in this market as illegal as it was luxurious, he had to choose Jane. There was something in her attitude that inspired him, something in her eyes that brought out both the worst and the best in him. A mix of submission and defiance. A dignified bearing, despite the necklace. And a look that seemed to tear out his soul.
Jane wanted that. I wanted that. And Frank had paid an obscene amount of money to have it. What he didn't know was that she had put herself up for sale, and that much of the money had gone to pay for treatment to cure her mother's cancer.
She desperately wanted to belong to a man like Frank. And he would show her that, even under his control, she could be much more than a slave.
Warning: A dark and erotic romance novel with explicit BDSM, aimed at an adult and



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