Oh, Sir! - Teacher Student Bundle of 3


Malory Chambers

Boruma Publishing

Oh, Sir! - Teacher Student Bundle of 3 - Bookrepublic

Oh, Sir! - Teacher Student Bundle of 3


Malory Chambers

Boruma Publishing


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This bundle contains three sizzling hot teacher student taboo relationships including “Seducing the Hot Professor,” “Violated by the Professor,” and “Submitting to the Gym Teacher.” All three stories feature innocent young women who offer themselves to dominant alpha males and are taken hard, fast, and without protection!

Excerpt from "Seducing The Hot Professor":

I laughed nervously, twirling my hair in my fingers as I tried not to throw myself at him. His eyes darkened slightly and trailed down my neck towards my cleavage again. I wondered if I could get him to take my virginity if I played my cards right.

I pulled my legs up and wrapped my arms around my knees, knowing that my pants were short and loose enough that if he looked, he would be able to see my butt and traces of my wet sex. His eyes travelled down my bed to between my legs.

He licked his lips.

"So uh... you mean I should like... show more of myself to them?" I asked.

"Huh?" he looked lost in thought, his eyes glued to the stop between my legs. I knew my plan was working when he crossed his legs uncomfortably.

"Professor?" I kept my voice soft and sweet, knowing that it drove some men crazy. "Did you mean for me to insert more stuff into the personal statement or less? I'm confused," I said, getting off my bed to stand closer to him.

My breasts were almost touching his arm as I leaned towards him to look at the paper. "Which part did you want me to change?"

He cleared his throat loudly. "Well, umm..." he looked visibly uncomfortable and beads of sweat was forming on his forehead. His eyes lingered on my prominent chest.

He pointed at a random spot on the paper and started blabbering something about adding a personal experience there.

I bit my lip, reaching over his head to grab a pen. "Oh, sorry," I mumbled as my breasts brushed against him. I made a circle on the spot he mentioned and wrote his comment next to it, making sure to lean as close to him as possible without actually touching him as I did.

"Thank you so much for doing this professor," I said, turning to smile at him. Our faces were inches apart. His breath was warm and comforting, but coming in short ragged breaths. I knew he was nervous and that somehow made me less nervous.

"You know what?" he announced suddenly, "I think I have the perfect sample on my blog... Let me see if I can find the sample on your computer." Before I could stop him, he had his hands on my laptop.

My eyes widened and my heart jumped to my throat when I remembered what I was doing before he arrived. "No, don't!" I screamed but I was too late.

A frown quickly formed on his face. The video had stopped at the perfect moment too. Mandy's naked breasts were in full view and Mr. Taylor was reaching to grab her chest...


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