An Elf Sister’s Secret


James Lucien

Lot's Cave, Inc.

An Elf Sister’s Secret - Bookrepublic

An Elf Sister’s Secret


James Lucien

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION An Elf Sister’s Secret is a fantasy erotica novella. A lesbian futu story about passionate incest between sisters. Rayna, a teenage elf, has always admired her older sister, Fayanna, and is secretly attracted to her. When Fayanna returns from being the captive of a goblin sorcerer, she has an embarrassing transformation that’ll repel her betrothed. Fayanna reveals her secret to Rayna, who in turn confesses her sensual desire. EXCERPT Finally, I go, but each step forward is slower than the last, feeling an increasing urgency to flee. To run to my room and dive under my sheets to cower. What is wrong with me? Why am I so anxious? When I divide the tendrils of cerulean luminescent flowers, concealing the large tub of polished amethyst enchanted to heat and purify the water, the view of my naked sister washes away my anxiety at once, replacing it with passionate yearning. My eyes go wide with awe and my jaw drops, drool dribbling over my lip. Peeling off my clothing in a dreamlike state, I step into the warm water, entranced by a pink glowing stamen jutting from between Fayanna’s petals. My heart pounds in my ears, matching the hypnotic throbbing of her ample phallus, which causes the water to ripple with its mighty, magnetic pulsations. Lavender eyes sparkling with desire, Fayanna purrs, “Come closer, my baby sister. Don’t be afraid.” Her seductive beckoning subdues my enthrallment a small measure, and I notice heavy balls hanging below her erection. They’re almost as swollen as her pillowy bosoms, which are half-submerged, allowing the cool night air to pucker her teeny fuchsia nipples. As I wade toward her, memorized and licking my chops, I mutter, “I love you, more than any sister should.” When I reach her at my soporific pace, she rises in a regal manner, her magnificent member emerging from the water like a holy deity from the etheric realm of light, and she places her palms upon my shoulders, encouraging me to descend to my knees with mild pressure. “Prove your abundant love to me.” I gulp, my wide, vermilion eyes going cross at her radiant, pink stamen pulsating before me. “With pleasure, my sister.” Cupping my round cheeks, Fayanna gently pulls me forward, and I stretch my lips wide, permitting her to glide her prodigious phallus into my mouth. A tiny trickle of nectarous goo spurts onto my tongue. It’s hot, sticky and delicious. I swallow and a warm jubilance blooms in my belly. As I begin to bob my head, moaning thirstily, it circulates throughout my body, infusing me with a mellow vigor that heightens my erotic hunger. Fayanna combs her fingers into my pastel-peach hair and kneads my scalp, while groaning, “Ooh, Rayna, your suckling feels heavenly.” Her expression of joy further exacerbates my carnal appetite, and I suck harder, moan louder, and bob faster and deeper. She slides her hands down my back, arching over me, and gropes my little bubble-butt, eagerly squeezing and pulling at my cheeks. “Ooh, Rayna, yes.” Her covetous fondling incites me to use my hands, and so I fist her erection with both palms and pump her girthy shaft in sync with my fervently bobbing head.



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