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Sex, Love, and Rock ‘n Roll. The Eighties were great, weren’t they? Set on Long Island, during those glory days, Homecoming is the gripping story of a hidden love between Scott and Joan. Their passion smoldered under the surface for years, getting hotter and hotter. Their burning lust can no longer denied. Once released, their illicit union consumes them. Their lives forever changed.

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~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

As a teenager, I was in love with all the hotties who worked at Mom’s spa. But there was one girl at the spa whom I had a major crush on. While I playfully flirted with the all the girls, for various reasons I had to be more circumspect with my crush. Nonetheless, I would josh with her and drop a double entendre here and an innuendo there. I always got a laugh from her and sometimes, with a wink, an impish warning of, “You better watch it young man.”

My crush possessed an alluring blend between Joan Collins and Joan Jett. She had Joan Collins’ smoldering sultriness; her large, expressive eyes and her magical 1,000-watt smile. She also had Joan Jett’s edgy sexiness. Like Joan Jett, she had jet-black hair she wore long but there was a hint of punk to it no matter what the style. Although at five-foot-eight she was taller than Joan Jett, she had a similar physique, being long and lean. She magnified her trim figure with her choice of outfits; and like Joan Jett, there was always a suggestion of rebelliousness no matter what she wore or where she was. This seemed perfect, as her own name was Joan.

When the Seventies gave way to the Eighties, the designer blue jeans gave way to, for a short while, an explosion of colored jeans before settling on black jeans and even jeans with pinstripes. Then jeans gave way to spandex. Many of the girls loved wearing spandex pants, for two main reasons. The first was being catty bitches they loved how spandex is unforgiving and reveals any flaws or imperfections. In an odd twist, you needed a big set of cahones to wear spandex, especially if you weren’t onstage in front of 20,000 screaming teens. The second reason was spandex was perfect to wear in a hair salon. It would not collect hair clippings as how cotton or any other material besides leather would. The girls liked how they could take a damp cloth run it down their legs and Bang, they were ready to go.

I simply loved how they looked.

Joan with her tall, trim and toned body really seemed to love spandex; and I enjoyed how she looked in them. She favored wearing all the many different zebra print styles they could create; and they created many! She wore many of the quirky colors but she mostly wore the white ones with black stripes, which complimented her raven hair and milky cream skin. Even at five-eight, Joan always wore tall heels whether attached to short booties, full-length boots or shoes. As the Jane Fonda craze infected the country, she started wearing many sleeveless tops showing off more of her porcelain skin and toned arms.

While having to be more circumspect, this didn’t stop me from lusting over her. Even though her station was just behind my right shoulder, from the front desk I watched her every move. If I stood at the right angle, she was always in my peripheral vision and I always knew where she was throughout the entire spa. This doesn’t mean I was always subtle and didn’t leer. Yes, I leered.

And she was quite aware of my crush.


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