A Hot Birthday for Twins


Lizzy Eliot

Lot's Cave, Inc.

A Hot Birthday for Twins - Bookrepublic

A Hot Birthday for Twins


Lizzy Eliot

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION My hot brother Stan and I are twins and both turning eighteen. I want his best friend to take my cherry. My girlfriend Al wants Stan to take hers. I know that once we start down that particular road the cherry popping will just be for openers. I think I know what it will take to convince Stan and I'm getting wet just thinking about that. EXCERPT Alicia turned eighteen the week before we did. That Saturday, at our party, where our friends dropped in and pretended to enjoy before splitting, Alicia couldn't keep her eyes off Stan. She pulled me aside. “Hey Tracey, I know what I want for a late present,” she said. “I want Stan to take my cherry. Now that he's eighteen neither of us can get in trouble for fucking.” “So tell him.” “He doesn't really look at me that way. And I think even if I were prettier, sexier, he'd be put off because you and I are friends.” I understood that. “He might think twice about fucking his sister's friend?” “Yeah.” “Are you serious about fucking him?” “Sure.” “Even if it's nothing but a fuck?” “That's all I want.” “You won't chicken out when he tries to stuff that big prick in you?” She wriggled a little at the thought. “Hell no.” “I think that's possible, Al. Can you wait a couple of days?” “Why? What happens then?” I smiled. “Brewster Chilton turns eighteen.” “Stan's best friend?” Then she smiled. “And you want...” I rubbed my pussy. “A party... a real one where I get his hard cock right here.” She frowned. “You are so sexy that he'd do that in a heartbeat.” “Maybe.” Then I touched her cheek. “But I want it to be a party. I want to fuck Brewster and watch Stan take your cherry.” She caught her breath. “You want to watch your brother screw me?” “Damn right. I want to see your face when that cock of his rams into your pussy. And you can watch Brewster fuck me.” “If you can get them to agree to a party.” “I'll arrange it.” Alicia's blue eyes got watery. “Oh, if you can talk Stan into that it would be so hot.” “But if I'm going to do that I'll need some inspiration.” She looked at me and I unsnapped my shorts. “You need to eat my pussy, girlfriend.” “Me?” “I want it. And then when I talk to Stan I can tell him I know you are serious.” What I intended to do with Stan involved a lot more than talking, but Al didn't need to know that. That Stan would fuck her pussy hard and watched Brewster fuck me was all she cared about. She'd deal with the rest of what I had in mind. I lay back and pushed my shorts down to my ankles and kicked them off. Then I opened my legs and pushed the crotch of my panties to one side. I'd been looking for a way to get Al to go down on me and just been waiting for the right moment. As I watched her lick her lips I knew this was it. As she moved between my legs, I saw a flicker of uncertainty. “Once you start munching my pussy, you are unlocking the door to a whole new world,” I told her. “I'll convince Stan and he is going to stuff you full of his big, hard prick.



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