Confessions of a Naughty Invisible Man - Volume 3


Veronica Sloan

Boruma Publishing

Confessions of a Naughty Invisible Man - Volume 3 - Bookrepublic

Confessions of a Naughty Invisible Man - Volume 3


Veronica Sloan

Boruma Publishing


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Something is happening to Dr. Abner Beal. He's spent the last nine years developing a serum to turn soldiers invisible, and now he's finally done it. It was his life's work...but his life isn't over. For the first time in years, Abner's heart is overcome with emotion. He feels strange and vulnerable, and alone. When his wife decides to separate from him, he finds himself torn between two very different women: His seductive co-worker who wants him for his brain, and his daughter's best friend who wants him for his body. What is a naughty invisible man to do?

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

The defiant universe brought her running to her door just as I turned to mine. She saw me, pulled her earbuds, and jogged over the grass.

"Good morning."

That was a surprise. It wasn't "Mr. Beal" or "Professor," it was just "good morning." I pushed aside the ridiculous thought that I might have been on her mind.

"How far did you get this morning?" I asked.

She grinned. "You wouldn't believe me."

I wiped my neck with my wet shirt and leaned back, arms crossed, ready to disbelieve.

Her eyes flitted, once, to my glistening chest, and returned to meet my gaze. "I got to the new mall."

I had to laugh. The girl was no joker. She had run six miles to the construction site on the outskirts of downtown, and then back again.

"You must have been going easy on me the other night," I said. "I passed you earlier and I only made it half as far."

She took the hem of her shirt and used it to wipe the sweat drops above her lip. Her body was flushed and wet, and the glimpse of her taut stomach pulled at the nerves in my core. I was overwhelmed by an intense desire to take her in my arms. This girl was no older than my daughter, and yet...

"Where did you go?"

I shook myself from my reverie. "Miles away," I murmured. "I mean, just to the quarry. More thinking than running this morning."

She nodded. "I have those days."

School was almost over, and soon she and Rebecca would be galavanting over town, searching for jobs and entertainment in the few weeks before they matriculated. "Any plans?" I asked, inwardly shocked. I was making small talk.

She shrugged. The silence stretched, and her lingering gaze unnerved me. She had the slow, comfortable peace of a completed run in her eyes, and those eyes were searching me for answers.

"You seem more content than the last time I saw you," I said.

"Something happened to me."

My heart skipped a beat.

She pulled the tie out of her ponytail and languidly stretched her neck as she scooped her fingers through her wet hair. "It was strange, and sexy...and inappropriate."

I stood rooted to my doorstep, dumbfounded by her frank confession. I licked my lips. "Amber--"

"You know, don't you?"


"It's okay. I want you to know."


"Because it helped me."

"I don't know why--"

She shook her head. "Maybe that's true. But you are 'exceedingly intelligent.' I think you can figure it out." And with a sly look in her eye and a graceful twist of her hips, she turned to go. "I'll be home all day, Mr. Beal. If Rebecca wants me."


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