The Implication


Tommy Mackson

Lot's Cave, Inc.

The Implication - Bookrepublic

The Implication


Tommy Mackson

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION Whether our daddy has bought his daughter a limo ride for her birthday, bought her a mega yacht, or given her a hell of a limo ride, each steamy story possesses one thing in common... a sex crazed billionaire father who wants to have some fun with his daughter! This Steamy 3 story bundle will be sure to leave you hanging on every last hot sexy scene. EXCERPT We started making out and he slowly kissed on my neck and unbuttoned my blouse. He worked his way on my breasts and then he took off my pants and kissed over my panties. It made me so wet when he kissed on top of my panties. I started leaking juices through the panties and then he gripped them with his teeth and pulled them off my leg. He then licked me really good until I was built up to my first orgasm. I let out a huge moan. “Oh yes. I asked daddy.” I then gripped his manhood with my hand and began stroking it until it was nice and hard. He then knew what to do and he slid inside of me. It felt so warm and fulfilling to have them inside of me. The thought of him inside me felt so good and all of the rumors about how good he was were coming true as he slowly and gently and vigorously at the same time pounded me and missionary position. I kept moaning and he was breathing hard. I could see the sweat droplets forming on his manicured to chest. He then turned me over on my knees and did me from behind. He pulled the back of my hair and spanked me. It felt good to be spanked by my dad and then he pulled out from my pussy and he put it in my ass. He did me in the ass and it felt so dirty but so good at the same time. And then being the dirty girl I am I took it and I put in my mouth and I sucked on it...



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