Hypnotizing My Virgin Sister


Veronica Sloan

Lot's Cave, Inc.

Hypnotizing My Virgin Sister - Bookrepublic

Hypnotizing My Virgin Sister


Veronica Sloan

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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DESCRIPTION Josh just wanted his sister to do her chores. It's only fair, right? But the more he uses his hypnosis on her, the more drunk with power he becomes. Now this insufferable brat is calling him "Master" and doing the dishes in her lingerie. Can Josh stop himself from transforming this 18-year-old virgin into his obedient sex slave? EXCERPT My sister was standing in the doorway, her body shining from the light of her windows. It was hot and she was sweating lightly from her work downstairs. I watched as a single bead of perspiration broke from her clavicle to go racing down the tan swell of her breast and dive into the delicious depths of her cleavage. Claire crossed the room to her hamper and pulled a towel from atop the pile. She dried her neck and forehead. The towel slid down her sinuous back and rubbed gingerly against her buttocks and thighs. I could smell her sweat, but it was a clean, fragrant girl sweat. “Are you going to do it?” Claire asked softly. “I-I don't know,” I said. “You know, you have to be open to suggestion for hypnosis to work.” “I'm open,” said Claire. She went to her windows and twirled the wands until her blinds were shut. Then she sat on the foot of her bed facing me. “Do it,” she said. I swallowed hard. “Close your eyes,” I said, my voice low, “and concentrate on my voice...” I took her down through the steps, bringing her deeper and deeper into relaxation until she was nestled warmly in her cocoon of contentment. Unconsciously, she let out a sigh of relief when we reached that point and leaned back. “Claire, do you feel relaxed?” I asked. I was standing over her and just drinking in the sight of her body. “Yes, Master,” she replied. “You have a very beautiful body, slave...” “Thank you, Master,” said Claire. I snapped my fingers. “When your Master touches your body, you will feel absolute pleasure. Every touch will feel like ten-thousand fires lighting in your center, every kiss will feel like warm honey gliding through your veins...” Claire's breasts swelled at the command, her breath shortening, quickening. Her whole body tensed in anticipation. “Yess, Massster,” she sighed.



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