Doggie Likes to Suck


Jade Summers

Dark Dreams

Doggie Likes to Suck - Bookrepublic

Doggie Likes to Suck


Jade Summers

Dark Dreams


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Sheila encounters an enormous Great Dane at the park and is overcome by feelings and images in her head that seem insane. While a group of men watch across a pond, she lets the dog drink milk from her breasts and fuck her even though part of her is humiliated.


I hadn’t had the urge to look around the park up until that point, but my eyes flew open suddenly and I realized that some men across the pond were watching me. I was startled at first and embarrassed but I didn't make a move to stop the dog. I let him continue to suck on my breast and continued to play with my other breast while the men watched.

I moved my hand down my stomach and started to undo my pants. I slowly pulled on the zipper and slid my jeans down inch by inch under my ass as I remained seated on the bench, then I pushed them all the way down my legs.

Then I spread my legs wide, putting my feet up on the bench so that my pussy was completely exposed and I pushed myself to the edge of the bench seat.

The Great Dane immediately put his head down in between my legs, his enormous tongue lapping intently at the juices that were running out of my pussy.

He burrowed his face deep into the space between my legs while he licked and sucked like he was going to eat me alive. I grabbed both of my breasts and started massaging them and every time I looked back at the men across the pond there seem to be more watching.


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