Olivia's Treasure


Aubrey F. Daniels

Lot's Cave

Olivia's Treasure - Bookrepublic

Olivia's Treasure


Aubrey F. Daniels

Lot's Cave


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Olivia and her daddy have been distant for the past five years. One lonely night, Traube, Olivia's father, decides to reconnect with her. Olivia opens up to him and that night, she shows him the costume she's been working on for the Comic-Con. Traube and Olivia finally become a father and daughter again, and now they're closer than ever!

Tonight, however, Traube had only made a salad. He was 39 but still fit and active, nutrition had always been a staple in their lives and even on pizza night he insisted on something with substance. The great oak table was set with simple unlit candles in the middle, a small vase of artificial flowers in between them. The bone white plates where the pizza sat getting colder starkly contrasted against the dark wood. Matching white bowls filled with a colorful salad sat to the side and wine glasses contained red wine sat to the right of the setting. Maybe Olivia was only eighteen but he had, only on special occasion, let her have a few sips.

Her heard her door close and saw her emerge from the darkened hallway. She walked slowly and gracefully and came into the dim light of the dining room appearing as an apparition. More appropriately, like a wisp, a fairy creature from mythology, coming from the darkness as a magical light. Full of energy, youth and beauty.

Traube’s head slowly raised, unaware his mouth hanging agape as a buffoon. He had not truly seen his daughter in a great while and certainly had not noticed how she had developed. Until now, where he took her in full sight.

“I’m Nixie.” She said softly. “From an old Germanic folklore, a fairy creature, a mermaid from old tales in Europe. Do you – do you like it?”

Nixie was barefoot. Perfectly painted glittery green scales starting from her big toe trailed its way up the top of her foot in a pattern much like ivy trailing up a branch. The scales, imperfectly perfect in diamond shapes, rose to circle her small calves, emerging under her knee and rose the side length of flawlessly shaped thighs. Appearing incredibly smooth and begged for his touch. Continuing their ascent up her waist, the side of her torso, to the top of her small shoulders where they came down circling her arms and topping at the top edge of her wrist, and then, mimicking perfectly the patters on her feet, disappearing at her index fingers. She turned slowly around and he saw where the scales came down from the tops of her shoulders to trail down her spine and intertwine in their decent before disappearing under the impossibly small garment that covered her.

She turned back to face him, she wore a small flesh colored bikini, no more than three fingers in width at her hips. Olivia, he presumed due to her creative skills, had constructed some type of small greenish flat metal pieces in the same shape and color of her painted-on scales. The piece was in the shape of a long triangle, wide at the top and lowering into a point a fourth way down her inner thigh. Dangling loosely. A small gold chain circled her waist holding it up. The back had the same design but the scales were wider across her buttocks and dipped down slightly longer.

Her slim midriff was bare save for the long glimmering belly button charms. Her pert B+ cup breasts, maybe C cup, were covered only with one large seashell each. "My God, Olivia."



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