How I Build 5 – 8 High Quality Backlinks Every Month to Any Site in Any Niche



A. B. Lawal

How I Build 5 – 8 High Quality Backlinks Every Month to Any Site in Any Niche - Bookrepublic

How I Build 5 – 8 High Quality Backlinks Every Month to Any Site in Any Niche



A. B. Lawal


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In this book, I explain in detail the simple process I use in 2019 for building 5 to 8 high-quality backlinks every single month to any site in any niche from high authority sites that don't sell links or accept guest posts, and how you too can start doing the same – totally white hat – in minutes.

After tracking more than 3,605,384 real backlinks to 535 of the world's biggest website, here's exactly what I learned (my new research).

My Promises:

Even if you have been involved in SEO for years, and read every article out there, you will learn things in this book you have never done or thought of before - things I've never seen anyone blog or talk about which are comletely legitimate.
I guarantee that you will be able to take and start implementing these strategies today, and that I will show you real links from real people – links that I did not pay for, that I have picked up from people I did not know, and exactly how I got them.

I understand that's a bold claim and you're probably skeptical, but I'm not selling my best SEO book to teach generic stuff or just to make money. I'm just trying to do you a favor.

Specifically, here's what I'll cover:

Secrete #1: Why terrible articles on terrible sites constantly pick up links on autopilot from hugely popular sites (and how you can have the same happen to you).

Secrete #2: The "date hack" which lts you see exactly what the most important pages are on your competitor's website.

Secrete #3: A specific article you can write that people will link to and share (works in almost every niche) even if they don't like you.

Secrete #4: A hack to finding the best links in your niche that actually help you rank. I spent thousands of dollars to take advantage of this. YOU don't have to. This is one of the best things you will ever see in SEO.

Secrete #5: How to scale personal outreach in a way that doesn't make you look spammy (with real world links I've picked up recently).

Secrete #6: A proven tactic I've used to pick up links in hours, that's replicable and available 24/5.

This book is not entirely selfless. Put simply, I'm hoping to reach more of my dream clients. I'm looking to reach the 0.01% of businesses who are or plan to be one of the top 10 businesses in their space in terms of online traffic and revenue.

At the end of this book (after I've kept all of my promises) I'll share some of the big companies I work with – some you will likely recognize – and the kind of companies I'm looking to help. I'm by no means desperate for clients. In the last three months, I've done work for five 7 and 8 figure businesses (and six more who are close to it).

The crux of this book is this: You are a few clicks away from being flooded with new attention, links and sales, even if you're just starting out, or you're in a really obscure niche.

I've found a proven process that turns those awful emails that make you look desperate (and rarely work) to actually picking up links with predictable frequency, every single month.

I'm proud to tell you that what you're about to learn in this book is about two years early at most. They are tricks I don't believe 99.9% of SEOs are acting on (especially secrets #4 and #6). Now let's go!



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