Daddy, it's too Big! Daddy Daughter Hypnosis


Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire

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Daddy, it's too Big! Daddy Daughter Hypnosis


Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire


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My hot little 18-year-old daughter Willow was a God damn dream girl. Tall with small, perky breasts, an hourglass figure. A cheerful, upbeat attitude. She had it all. And

she knew it.

She was constantly teasing me with her too-tight outfits that showed off her soft, creamy skin. Every time she bent over - which seemed to be often - her miniskirt rode


Finally, I’d had enough.


“Well, enjoy your game. I’m gonna get something to eat,” Willow said, jogging off into the kitchen. She kept herself fit. Muscles in all the right places. My cock twitched

just looking at her.

A small tattoo peeked out from under her shorts. It must have been placed on her lower ass cheek, but damn was it the cherry on top of her cake.

Innocence with a little bit of naughty sprinkled in. I grabbed my cock through my pants and rubbed it gingerly. God I wanted to fuck her. But… I didn’t want to cross that

line. That family thing. Right?
The urges were strong though. They were undeniable.

But I lost the battle against those urges when my cock had begun to wage war against my slacks. Fuck, I was getting so hard, the throbbing of my cock was almost enough to

make me cream my pants.

“See ya daddy,” Willow said, running back upstairs with a drink and carrots in hands.

“Okay darling,” I said, tightening the grip to my cock. It was like holding down a wild animal.

The beast spoke. I heard. And fuck it, I obeyed.

I charged up the stairs behind her, my cock tent-poling in my slacks. Pre-cum was already making its way through.

I knew a way to have her. And have her hard and fast. I stopped right behind her at the door and snapped my fingers twice and waved my hand in a circular motion. Just as

I'd seen on some old TV show. She stopped, dead in her tracks.

“Willow, drop what you’re holding,” I demanded. Her carrots and juice hit the ground as I dug at my belt and zipper. “Get on the bed. Now!"

“Yes, daddy,” she said in a hypnotized voice.

Good, I had her right where I wanted her. “Now be a good little slut and get down on your bed for daddy.” I pulled my hard, leaking cock out of my fly and hung my balls out

as well. My cock was tight all the way to the shaft for Willow.

“Yes, daddy,” she said again.

“And lay on your back,” I added.


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