Alexithymia, A World Without Emotions


Juan Moises de la Serna

Babelcube Inc.

Alexithymia, A World Without Emotions - Bookrepublic

Alexithymia, A World Without Emotions


Juan Moises de la Serna

Babelcube Inc.


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Learn how to overcome the problem of not understanding your own emotions and those of others.
How do you say, "I love" and not die trying?
Surely, you know someone, or maybe this happens to you, that sometimes you have difficulty expressing your emotions, especially when it comes to declaring your love to someone by saying, "I love you." But, there’s also people who don’t actually know what they feel for other people and what’s most troubling, they’re unable to understand the feelings that others have towards them.
This is what’s called alexithymia, and it’s more widely spread than we think, it’s estimated to affect one in every ten people worldwide.
Discover all the keys in this book. What is it? Who does it affect? Can it be treated?
Can alexithymia be prevented?
"Boys don’t cry" has been a tagline for little ones, for a long time, causing them not to know how to express their emotions in a healthy manner.
Which has led to a society with "emotional illiteracy," words of Daniel Goleman, the father of Emotional Intelligence.
Discover how the government of Canary Islands corrects these errors, educating the little ones to understand and appropriately express their own emotions while learning to understand and accept the emotions of others.
Did you know that having high levels of alexithymia is associated with problems related to the psychology field?
If you thought that suffering alexithymia didn’t have bigger consequences than losing someone you love romantically for not declaring your love them, you have to know that not knowing how to express your emotions, whether they’re positive or negative, is associated with addictions, eating disorders, or psychopathic personality disorders.
Learn what this relationship is and how you can try to overcome it.


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