The A To Z Of Crowdfunding


Jerome Matticks

Jerome Matticks

The A To Z Of Crowdfunding - Bookrepublic

The A To Z Of Crowdfunding


Jerome Matticks

Jerome Matticks


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No money, no fun? Not any more! Nowadays, start-ups, one man businesses, social organisations and even the ordinary man next door can tap into various crowdfunding platforms to made their wildest and wackiest ideas come true. The crowdfunding concept is simple: you describe your idea, and the group decides whether or not it’s good and has potential by the financial support they do or don’t offer. Crowdfunding enables people and companies with little capital to get to work immediately. But it’s far more than just making an investment or providing funding: the interested parties are right in the middle of the action, watching the birth of a new and exciting idea first-hand! This guide aims to provide an overview of the crowdfunding scene. We look at questions such as how crowdfunding evolved, the role it plays in society today, and how crowdfunding works for different groups of people. This book also aims to help you find the right platform for your very own idea! This book is your perfect companion when it comes to finding the ideal strategy and getting your idea up and running. Crowdfunding is not simply about creating a convincing video, but also about doing a certain amount of homework and networking, which you’ll need in order to market your product successfully. Last but not least, this book describes some of the biggest successes and flops in crowdfunding. Immerse yourself in the world of crowdfunding, and read how you can deploy simple means to move the masses and bring your idea to life!


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