Hidden Treasure


Diana Scott

Babelcube Inc.

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Hidden Treasure


Diana Scott

Babelcube Inc.


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What happens when secrets should remain hidden but love just can't forget?
Anne knows that life doesn't give you a second opportunity, that's why following the death of her husband she is ready to free herself of her past and get what she has always wanted.
Anne is an educated, successful and politically correct woman but that hasn't helped her at all from an abusive husband. She feels alone and unprotected.
Anne is also passionate, hot and provocative but those virtues that no one will ever see.
At present, Anne Foster is the prestigious director for the world acclaimed Stonebridge Archeology Museum.  When her boss challenges her to work with Reed Blackman, she knows that now is the perfect time for her to live all her dreams that she has never confessed to.
Blackman knows pain, lonliness and heartbreak.  He is too troubled to understand romantic dreams but he wants her and he doesn't think of holding back as long as she accepts his sexual desires.
Anne knows the road to success isn't easy and knows it will take a lot of risks but feels she has the courage to overcome anything.
Blackman hates to appear anything like his repugnant father and hopes to overcome it but doesn't feel capable.  He is a cold, calculating man with a hidden agenda that will shut everyone out including her.
Will Anne become the woman she has always wanted to be, or will she become a resigned woman?
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