Quantum Method. The Secret Code To Make Money.



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Quantum Method. The Secret Code To Make Money.



Babelcube Inc.


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Book description: The Quantum method is the greatest secret revealed of all the secrets that could be revealed to earn money. It is the updating of certain ancestral mechanisms, now decoded and presented for the understanding of anyone who wishes to use them. The text is very fast and tries to be sincere and practical about a fascinating and dark world at the same time, as is the hidden science, adapting the most archaic and simple systems to realize, to our modern world, invaded by smartphones and anxiety. It also tells an intriguing story behind, truthful and more real than the theory of methods. We will demonstrate how material and spiritual wealth can be generated, and how we can solve any phobia, trauma, or problem, however small or large, until winning lottery prizes, with exercises of only 49 minutes, leaving superstitions to a side, and executing methods that have been proven by my person and friends for more than ten years, and in some way, used for thousands of years, with identical results. The book, in terms of exercises, in addition to those already mentioned, say that they are mainly adapted to gambling and to its simple control through certain mechanisms that we expose in 4 different ways. All work, and the reader will recognize it quickly. We enclose the content of the book, so that the reader knows the topics that we will treat: 1- Introduction to Quantum Method
2- The functioning of the mental universe
3- The little known power of beliefs
4- The strange world in which we live
5- Levels of consciousness
6- Quantum psychology of casinos I
7- Our mind never rests
8- Practice, showing the methods by      Gambling.
9- Other Ways to Make Money
10- The time in magic
11-The almost inverse stealth (sigil)
12- Quantum psychology of casinos II
13- Other ways to symbolize
14- Quantum psychology of casinos III 
15- How to create a company


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