Polyester And Epoxy Resins. What Are They And How To Use Them.



Babelcube Inc.

Polyester And Epoxy Resins. What Are They And How To Use Them. - Bookrepublic

Polyester And Epoxy Resins. What Are They And How To Use Them.



Babelcube Inc.


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As I see it, synthetic resins are substances that give the possibility to get amazing effects, and to realize things that were once unthinkable. They also offer a field that is still largely unexplored, where you can still experiment, as in the past many artists have done with the classical techniques of sculpture and painting. These materials are still young, no one can tell about them "there is nothing left to invent": on the contrary, there is so much to experiment and invent.
In these books, I bring my experiences, in an attempt to be of help to someone, and especially in order to push not to stop at what I wrote. I hope that my words will make you want to find other techniques, try other materials and other ways to use them.
In fact, I often use materials against the purpose for which they were designed by manufacturers, because sometimes they cannot even imagine all their uses and all their potential. Manual practice, contact with the material and knowledge of its most intimate character, combined with curiosity, can lead to sometimes surprising discoveries.
The synthetic resins are basically young shoots, especially when compared to the ancient rocks and other materials that have always been protagonists of art. Some have not yet been explored in depth, their expressive potentials have not yet been highlighted and could well marry with artists able to understand their character and get the best out of them.
The goal of these books is also to give a starting point, to give birth to the curiosity and the desire to know these resins closely and to discover that with them a world of new stimuli is revealed to our desire to do.


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