Côte D'azur - Nice And Surroundings


Katrin Katrin

Katrin von cotedazur unlimited

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Côte D'azur - Nice And Surroundings


Katrin Katrin

Katrin von cotedazur unlimited


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You know the story: you have a long weekend coming up and you'd like to go somewhere. You book a city trip to Nice, but you don't have any time to prepare, to read a travel guide and search the Internet and think about what you’d like to see, where you should eat, and what you'd like to do. And then suddenly it's time to go and you think: what now? Here’s where I’d like to pick you up and provide you with some instructions that will give you an overview of the Côte d'Azur. A normal travel guide includes so many things and then you aren't familiar with the distances and you can’t estimate well, and in the end you have the feeling that you’ve missed a few highlights. With my travel guide, I'd like to give you the feeling that you’re visiting me and I’ll show you the area I love. Of course it contains only a selection of things, this area is much too varied to be able to see everything in a weekend. But if you’d like to think after the weekend that you’ve got a good overview and you’d like to come again, then my travel guide will have served its purpose. “Côte d'Azur With All Your Senses - a Weekend in Nice” is a travel guide for a customized tour. You can follow the steps alone and at your own tempo. I'll give you a rough overview of the time. With music recommendations and the repeated suggestion to take your time, breathe, and look, I'd like to make sure that you can get the most out of your vacation. And when you’re back home in your everyday life, the songs should take you back to your vacation for just a moment.  Let's get to know the Côte d'Azur together.



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