Sing For Me


Claudia Piano

Babelcube Inc.

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Sing For Me


Claudia Piano

Babelcube Inc.


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Sara has a passion: singing. It is a secret dream, because a past experience has traumatized her and now she is terrified of performing. So Sara hides her "singing" heart in herself. She calls him Cip, a little bird that she imagines to have instead of the heart, that flies, skips and sings with her. Summer is over and Sara is enthusiastic: she is about to start her fourth year at the Liceo Musicale Pertini in Genoa; she will see her companions again and resume lessons. She is not a nerd, but she likes studying, it makes her feel good. Well, maybe she really a nerd. She loves to test herself, learn new things, but she has always shared her gift with her companions, helping them, sometimes letting them take advantage of her good heart.
The return to school, however, brings unexpected news. Her best friend Sonia is detached and surly. She seems to be angry with her and never misses a chance to ridicule her in front of her companions. What happened to her? Fabio, the most beautiful boy in the class, defends Sara. Who knows, maybe he needs help with the study? The singing teacher decided to stage a musical: "Beauty and the Beast". Will he convince Sara to participate?
This new novel, as you can guess from the title, talks about music and is set in a school, but not in Armonia. A royal school in Genoa: the Liceo Musicale Sandro Pertini. It is a tribute to the boys who accompany me during the presentations and to their professor who has repeatedly expressed the desire that their school appear in one of my novels. It's a training novel, it talks about dreams, fears, friendship and, of course, love.
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