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NASA sends some special skilled people to the outer space in search for life in a future controlled by robots. How to escape from a net of virtual data when someone is already tangled as an artificial intelligence? Ann's crush, an astronaut, turns her life upside down as he gets involved into a potentially dangerous mission: Search life elsewhere in outer space. The protagonist then finds herself in a crucial dilemma. Would she cherish her life or would she take a huge step and risk her soul when or if she follows the man of her dreams traveling to one of the most inhospitable places out of the Earth to help him in his quest as well as save billions of living beings? When she decides to take the journey through galaxies, Ann meets unexpected experiences, faces unbearable truth of trials and betrayals. All of her life she was a mere mirror of what had passed in a world that didn't exist anymore. It´s a virtual world, in adversities and diversities, and IT still insists to recreate itself. Will it finally cease (or decease)? Or, like a black hole, will it keep its course, devouring all sources of existence and turning life into a fictional event, using and inventing new data from a long past humankind?
 This is the last book from the trilogy Memoirs of An Amazon:
The Witches of Avignon (The Past) First book of the trilogy talks about the Amazons from Ancient Times to our modern days, the Witches during the medieval Era and an introduction to the subject Reincarnation.  
The Pierrot's Love (The Present)
The second book of the trilogy is about two ghosts from the nineteenth century who haunt a teenage girl until her mother takes the matter to her hands and write their story. The problem is they have two versions of the same story. Then who is telling the truth?
Out Of Thin Air (The Future)
Thus this book closes the circuit of the trilogy.
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