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Do you want to understand podcasting as an indie author and thrive in this growing industry? We’re here to help.

Podcasting has never been easier, but with so many options and so much to learn, identifying what information is relevant for authors can be a challenge.

Enter Podcasting for Authors. Based on data and analytics from trusted sources, as well as anecdotal advice from authors who are already killing it with podcasting, this guide will not only teach you how to be a good podcast guest but also how to produce your own show and grow a following as a broadcasting author.

Reading this guide, you’ll learn:

  • A breakdown of essential podcasting equipment
  • Ways to use podcasting to benefit your author career
  • Tips on finding an audience and creating your show
  • Strategies for producing high-quality audio
  • Practical distribution tactics to maximise your reach
  • Effective marketing tactics for your launch and beyond
And more, including a jargon-busting glossary and links to extra resources to help you keep learning and building on the information provided.
The advice in this book is best practice as honed by the experiences of our members and the thousands of authors – novelists, non-fiction writers and poets – who visit ALLi’s Self-Publishing Advice Centre each month.

We’re the only non-profit organization for self-published writers doing this kind of work.

If you’re ready to become a savvier author and grow your presence in the podcasting space, grab Podcasting for Authors, and let ALLi show you how to turn your imagination into income.


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