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Do you love horses and a rattling good read? If you do, then BlueBuckle is a book for you.

Artist India Levy arrives in the New South Wales Highlands town Burragong to sell her grandmother's house. She'll be back in London pursuing her ambition to become a portrait artist within a couple of weeks. But India was never going to simply slip in and out of Burragong. Her grandmother, Grace, was much loved, especially by the Highlands Hunt Club, and her friends are determined to slot India into the gap left by her death.

But not everyone was a fan of Grace's. Lady Blythe, owner of Whistlejacket Thoroughbreds with her golden son, Lucien, is right at the top of the list. Seeing an opportunity to at last best her rival, she begins weaving the unsuspecting India into the glamorous world of the Blythes and Whistlejacket Thoroughbreds.

How does the dying Whistlejacket stallion, BlueBuckle, help India escape Lady Blythe's manicured grip?

How and why does BlueBuckle decide that life is worth living after all?

How do Grace's friends help India with her unexpressed grief and deal with their own when, suddenly, their lives start "going to shite".

Read on and find out.

BlueBuckle is a story about how horses influence our lives and how we influence theirs. It is also a romp, a yarn about characters that will be familiar to those that have a hoof in the horse-world and endearing to those that do not. It is a story of love, in its many forms.


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