Birches, Cowgirls & Angels


Lizbeth Dusseau


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Birches, Cowgirls & Angels


Lizbeth Dusseau



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Two Spanking titles in one volume. Birches: Overtheknee Spanking & Domestic Discipline Erotic Spanking Romance. Discipline, hot and hard! Amanda is a beautiful but bitchy stable owner who’ll be learning some harsh lessons going over the lap of her business partner and allaround cowboy, Jake. There’s no way he’ll let this nasty schemer get her way with him. But as Amanda struggles to hang on to her precious Birch Valley Stables, she can’t stop misbehaving. She earns her red hot bottom, even as her romantic fires burn for the man she should despise. Added to this spicy story are the exuberant Cissy, getting her bottom blistered by County Sheriff Garth for her reckless behavior; and the innocent Midge, whose nononsense boyfriend Hank imposes his firm spanking discipline on this innocent beauty. Official courthouse discipline, anal sexuality, and brinesoaked birches give this highspirited spanking novel crackling intensity to ignite the reader’s spanking passions. Cowgirls & Angels, Spanking Stories Sexy, Spanking Stories. Cowgirls are sassy brats with sharp tongues and nasty manners. Angels are what they become at the hands of their dominant men. The Urban Cowgirl gets her comeuppance when she tries to take over Rory’s ailing ranch. A 19th century Madame, Kiley, gets tamed by an outlaw in Desperado, and Dusty’s Revenge backfires when Ty Holbrook turns the tables on her and gives her some good barebottomed punishment. In The Confessions of a Sassy Wife, Blair’s whirlwind marriage takes some interesting twists when her new husband gets fed up with her reckless behavior. Then, and country singer, Brandy Winger, is a sad Shooting Star who needs the firm control of a loving man to pull her out of her blues. Finally, The Incident In The Cellar brings a wayward young wife home to face the fierce discipline she’s put off far too long.


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