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What does the Bible say about women?
The truth is, the Bible has story after story about fascinating women. They’re more nuanced than men, have profound insights people often overlook, and can teach wisdom that everyone needs to hear.
Explore the narrative of 135 biblical women to discover fresh insights about life, faith, and hope. This easy-to-read book is an excellent Bible study resource that takes a thorough look at what these women do and what we can learn from them.
In Women of the Bible, Peter DeHaan, PhD., a lifetime student of the Bible and founder of the 700-page ABibleADay website, digs deep into these Bible stories to uncover how these amazing women rise above their circumstances in a society that pushes them down.
You’ll discover how to

  • celebrate your victories,
  • embrace your virtue,
  • have more compassion for the world’s victims,
  • avoid the errors of the vicious, and
  • be inspired to pursue a more meaningful life.
Ideal for personal reflection or group Bible study, Women of the Bible is an excellent read with stimulating stories that are interesting, informative, and entertaining. As a bonus, each woman’s story ends with thought-provoking questions for personal introspection or group discussion. Then dig deeper by examining related Bible passages to expand your understanding.
It’s time for a change. It’s time for a fresh perspective. It’s time for every woman—and man—to discover powerful, life-changing truths from the Women of the Bible.
Read Women of the Bible today to spark a personal transformation.


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