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Visit fifty-two churches in a year? How crazy is that?

Peter DeHaan spent a year visiting a different Christian church every Sunday: Protestant mainline, evangelical, and charismatic; Roman Catholic too.

He visited a church just like yours. Count on it.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cringe. You’ll cry.

Church-reform proponent and Bible scholar, Peter DeHaan, PhD is a strong advocate of meaningful Christian community. And he shares his insightful journey of discovery to inspire ministers, members, and attendees to build a spiritual gathering that matters.

But 52 Churches doesn’t rip at the modern church. It’s not a church-shopping romp or a mean-spirited journalistic exposé. Instead it’s a gift that offers encouragement, hope, and support to Christians everywhere. Plus, he shares astute observations and makes spot-on suggestions.

You’ll discover:

  • How to welcome visitors well and entice them to return
  • What drives people away and what draws them in
  • Tips to maximize each of your service’s three greeting opportunities
  • Ideas to improve your congregation’s outreach and outlook
  • Encouragement to move from a friend-focused to a visitor-first perspective
Written as narrative, 52 Churches calls you to embrace all the branches of Jesus’s church and expand your practice of worshiping God and celebrating community. Peter invites you to join him on this personal, spiritual sojourn of discovery.

Read 52 Churches for education, read it for entertainment, and read it for the insight gained only from visiting a boatload of churches.

52 Churches is ideal for ministry leaders, members, and spiritual seekers. And if you’re still reading this, it’s perfect for you too.

Get your copy of 52 Churches today and let your journey of discovery begin!


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