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Want to learn more about the Gospel of Luke? Do you seek fresh, faith-building insights?

You may be familiar with the book of Luke. But you might have missed a few things. Maybe more than a few.

In Dear Theophilus, Peter DeHaan, PhD., a lifetime student of the Bible and founder of, digs deep into the beloved Gospel of Luke to unearth 40 thought-provoking gems that can inform your beliefs and transform your life. Discover refreshing ideas from a unique perspective that keeps readers engaged. Gain practical application through his casual writing style.

In this book, you’ll discover

  • The way Luke viewed God, and how his view might change your view
  • Why Luke’s book matters more today than ever
  • The people who angered Jesus the most, why they frustrated him, and how that applies to us
  • The Lord’s Prayer and Communion from a new angle
  • The radical ways Jesus loved outsiders and outcasts
Part devotional. Part Bible study. No fluff. Totally life changing.

In Dear Theophilus you’ll encounter eye-opening insights from passages you thought were familiar. Find fresh truths as you gain a broader appreciation of Luke’s gospel. And realize a revitalized outlook on your faith and life.

Ideal for both individual or group study, the book includes scripture references and questions inviting readers to go deeper. And don't miss the bonus content at the end—helpful to new and seasoned followers of Jesus.

Buy Dear Theophilus today to deepen your devotion and widen your understanding of God.


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