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Do your eyes glaze over when you read the book of Job?

Are Job’s friends too pompous? Is God a bit aloof? Can you push through all the lengthy speeches? Does Satan have too much control over poor Job? If you cry “foul,” you’re not alone. It doesn’t seem fair.
Job doesn’t have to be boring, however. But to access its profound message requires adopting a fresh approach. It calls for pursuing a unique take to embrace this ancient story. What if we read Job like a screenplay?
In Dear Theophilus, Job, founder of and lifetime student of the Bible Peter DeHaan, PhD, digs deep into the dialogue in the book of Job. In doing so he reveals heart-thumping drama, misguided do-gooders, and heretical notions about God that still exist today.
In Dear Theophilus, Job, you’ll discover:

  • That the book of Job resembles a play and how that can inform our understanding
  • How well-meaning people can misrepresent God
  • A glimpse into the heart of our Lord
  • That life isn’t fair, but God is
  • The way Job questions the Almighty and lives to talk about it
Part devotional. Part Bible study. No fluff. Totally life changing.
In book five of the Dear Theophilus series, you get all this and more: Thought-provoking insights about justice, mercy, and deliverance. God’s power, patience, and sovereignty. And don’t overlook the guile of evil Satan. End with a greater appreciation of how the book of Job can inform your actions and attitudes today. May it change you and inspire you.
Buy Dear Theophilus, Job today and move from despair to deliverance!


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