Star Bright New Adult Romance Series - Books 1 to 4


Carla Coxwell

Revelry Publishing

Star Bright New Adult Romance Series - Books 1 to 4 - Bookrepublic

Star Bright New Adult Romance Series - Books 1 to 4


Carla Coxwell

Revelry Publishing


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A New Adult Romance Story

As Jenny struggles to learn the lesson that in Hollywood not everyone is what they appear to be, she tries to become a person that she can be proud of. Will she be able to find love and success in Hollywood? Or will Jenny be dragged down by her past forever?

***Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only***

***This new series follows the original series, Fifty Recipes For Disaster***

Book 1

Jenny has hit a slump. After losing her child and being in an abusive relationship, she finds herself in a rut. Day in and day out, she does the same thing, slowly losing herself. A random encounter with an old high school friend changes Jenny’s course. Before she can overthink it, she is jet setting off to Hollywood to restart her life. 

Book 2

Jenny finally feels that she is able to focus firmly on her future until a ghost from her past returns to ruin her present. Things are not always what they appear when dealing with rising fame. Jenny discovers love doesn’t always work out the way that she plans and friends aren’t always the people she thinks they are. With the walls closing in around her, will Jenny be able to face the fear head on, or will she merely sink and drown under the waves?

Book 3

Jenny finds herself lost in Hollywood, her personal life open to tabloid drama. She has fallen into the clutches of Rich, a man who wants nothing else from her but to ride her coat tails to fame and fortune. With Rich blackmailing her, Jenny feels her grasp on her own life fading.

Book 4

Time is running out for Jenny's chance of getting rid of Rich, her blackmailer. While working out a plan to escape his clutch, she uncovers details of his past that explain why Rich is the man that he is today. As she navigates her life and strives to leave her fear in the past, will she lose everything she has worked hard to achieve? Will Rich forever have control over her or will Jenny break free and come into her own?

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