Abyssinian cat - Somali cat


Le Chat Noir

Edizioni R.E.I. France

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Abyssinian cat - Somali cat


Le Chat Noir

Edizioni R.E.I. France


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The Abyssinian cat is one of the oldest feline breeds.
Defined for its movements like the miniature puma, it attracts the gattophiles of the whole world with its elegant aesthetic harmony.
It is among the ten most widespread in the United States and among the five in North America, while in Europe and in Italy it is less widespread.
The Abyssinians are cats of medium build, short-haired, with an elegant posture and strong individuality. The coat has an intense color and the ticking is clearly visible (every single hair has a base color, interrupted by two or three bands of darker pigment and always ends with the dark tip).
Its particular physical characteristics make it the fastest and most agile cat among all feline breeds.
Since the Abyssinians are carriers of the gene responsible for the long hair, it is always possible that in a litter there are some semi-longhair kitten (Somalo).
It can reach even 18-20 years of age.
The Somali cat is the medium-long hair variant of the Abyssinian, from which it differs only for the length of the hair, since the two breed standards correspond.
Somali is a combination of beauty and personality. The first thing that catches our attention is the beauty and uniqueness of the Somali.
The semi-long coat of Somali is soft and airy, the coat has an extraordinary color, it almost seems to have a mane. The eyes are amber-colored, the big ears, the long mustache and the fluent and vaporous tail, always worn with a plume, it looks like that of a squirrel.
Somali can be addictive. Once you've had one, you may find that no other cat can ever replace it.


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