A History of Belgium for children


Catherine de Duve

Kate'Art Éditions

A History of Belgium for children - Bookrepublic

A History of Belgium for children


Catherine de Duve

Kate'Art Éditions


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Discover the history of Belgium as you read, draw and play

Belgium has not always existed... How old is the country ? Hop back in time! What happened in 1830 ? It's revolution at the Opera House ! Belgium became independent and chose a king. Who will be the first King of the Belgians ? The continent's first railway opened ! What did Leopold, the Builder King, make ? With Stanley he discovered the unexplored lands of the Congo. In 1900 it was the Belle Epoque ! Belgium suffered in the First and Second World Wars. How did the Belgians react to these tragic times ? Visit the Atomium ! Look at the political evolution of Belgium. Discover the country's food, specialities and celebrities !

Share a fun moment with your family while discovering the history of Belgium thanks to this richly illustrated book!


Become an artist or an explorer and learn all there is to know about art and history!
Whether it is as a museum guide, a temporary exhibition catalog or a monograph, the books from the "Happy Museum" collection can be read while visiting a museum or an exhibition or simply at home.
The concept is entertaining and interactive so that children can learn while having fun! You will find throughout the book some games, observations, thoughts, creations, drawings and history of art notions. Thanks to these activities, children will be able to assimilate technical and theoretical notions like “still life”, “watercolors” and “impressionism”, which are sometimes abstract and difficult to understand.

From 4 years old and for the whole family (parents, grandparents and teachers).


Catherine de Duve is an art historian and a painter. She worked for the Royal museums of Belgium’s educative services and created teaching workshops at the Architecture foundation in Brussels.
In 2000, she had launched her own publishing house with a brand new concept. Advised by MAC’s director, she created the international collection “Happy Museum”, dedicated to a young audience.
Catherine de Duve is also published by RMN, Hatier and Alice editions, and works with dozens of international museum curators.


Until 1830, Belgium did not exist as it is today. The regions and cities that the country is composed of were then part of larger European powers. Belgium was often the battlefield of Europe.

Thanks to this ebook, the whole family will learn more about:
• The creation of Belgium
• The Belgian royal family
• The Belgian culture


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