English for Foreign Students


Gopal Kolekar

gopal kolekar

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English for Foreign Students


Gopal Kolekar

gopal kolekar


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I was born in the village of Kangrali B.K., in Belagavi district, within the state of Karnataka in India. I am a certified Mechanical Engineer. It may be of interest to note that I have three books published to my credit.
They are as follows:

  • How Should the Indian Education System Be?
  • The Modern Administration of the Earth
  • Secrets from Gopal
This is my fourth book. I am sure the readers will show the same enthusiasm in receiving it as they have of my earlier books.
I studied in a regional school in rural India and therefore found it very difficult to understand English during my college education. That was when I decided that I should write a book on English. I targeted this book at foreign students who are not native speakers of English or were made to take compulsory college education in English.
In this book I have specifically excluded all grammar principles because it’s a never ending game throughout life. I am not saying that you should not read a grammar book; I recommend that you please read your own language grammar book first and then read the English grammar book in its translated form in your mother tongue.
Before you commence your English training with this book you should master grammar of your mother tongue and then English grammar. In this book only practical examples are given for your study. I request you to refer a newspaper in your mother tongue with its version of English of the corresponding day. Compare similar news items in both the newspapers. While referring the dictionary, please remember which word comes under which ‘Parts of Speech’ as this is very important to know which word comes at what position in a sentence. This is very essential to learn proper writing and speaking in English.
Similarly you can relate with TV News Channels. Initially watch the news on TV Channels in your mother tongue and then watch the same on English Channels. This will definitely help in learning English. Also please view English TV channels with translations of what is spoken in vernacular languages. This book does not contain principles of grammar but helps you to learn English in a practical manner.


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