The Migraine Detective


Roland Pfeiffer

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The Migraine Detective


Roland Pfeiffer

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The Migraine Detective looks at 44 fascinating cases of migraines and unravels their unique causes. The results lead to a treatment concept that is tailor-made for each individual patient. A book for patients, doctors, alternative practitioners and osteopaths.

Yet in truth, each patient is unique and each cause of migraine is unique too. As unique as a fingerprint. This is why this book was written. The migraine is a puzzle that is begging for a solution. The book is aimed at everybody who suffers from migraines and aims to make this puzzle more tangible for each and every one of you. Dr medic Pfeiffer is also addressing his colleagues. Doctors, alternative practitioners and osteopaths, so that this puzzle can be solved for the benefit of their patients.

Dr medic Pfeiffer shows you 44 detailed cases of patients with migraines to illustrate just how diverse the causes of migraine can be and how these causes can be analytically investigated, unlocked and eliminated. He describes people suffering from migraines and how he has succeeded in healing them. As a patient you will see similarities to your own medical history. The specialist knowledge he shares in his book is intended to inspire and encourage all professionals involved in treating and curing migraines.

In his book he illustrates the complete root-cause-analysis: Through the eyes of the medic we look at the detailed migraine anamnesis, a special laboratory diagnosis, a complete osteopathic examination, as well as neural therapeutic interference zones and trial treatments. By systematically decoding the migraine, he will show you how the causes of migraines can be specifically targeted and eliminated enabling your body to tackle any remaining potential causes itself. The message: Migraines are curable!


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